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soundcloud -

listen to COwboys& ANgels.

me & tyhe MRs. theme song

im not the angel lol
not really a cowboy either
i am nothing
i am lamda theory
or not

goodbye snap

i dont like small talk

or songs like WAP

nasty ass toxic bishes

ok maybe i do fap

maybe dem bishes

should do some dishes

maybe they should be more

swim w da fishes?

just dont act like a whore.


freestyle complete, errors and all

Best Lyrics from "female" MC 

The MC was known as Free. A " lady" blah blah blah could freestyle better than any person I ever seent.

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Best Lyrics from "female" MC 

My survival tactics be drastic like Rambo
Strangling trolls w my bow & arrow elastic
Whoever said u couldn't be 5 feet thoroughbred
Never witnessed the cerebral cortex in my head
How many GBs does your hard drive hold?
Or does your hard drive fold once the signal hits the node?
While u choking, suffocating off ur own testosterone
I'm known for breaking levels down 2 values unknown
A specimen w 👽 estrogen
Kick ur intestines in, sell ur testicles 2 Mexicans

wrong labels too frequent - paedophilia, etc. 

im gonna come right out and say it. this is OPINION.

I dont believe the King of Pop was anything besides a gd genius of the utmost degree.

i think, and most likely you all know that is too easy to pin false charges on anyone if the right people work together, hooah? (that means yes or whatever. Originally it was HUA, Heard, Understood, Acknowledged.)

Irrelevant. words/labels, etc. All to cause division & mistrust.
Im a scientist.

but lets be honest.

you MUST sample each new harvest.

its like a corn farmer wandering thru his endless rows of natural sugar and carbs, gorging himself on his own stash beyond what is even humanly possible.

is the farmer even human?

ask KLamar. check ya DNA.
and enjoy your time on Earth. Always.\

this is DD. back to work.

PEACE to all. dont let us catch you fuckin round tho.

bwahahaha . 🤣 🤓 😘 🤠 😷

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oh and i grow the herb rarely consume it......
everyone knows that.

donations. I am founder of GrowOperate partners w @JamalWalks on birdsite. and 50/50 partners w my lady.

donations yall. no profit for me or partners.

believe that.

for clarification, I'm a lil bit country. and i'm a lil bit rock n roll.
i'm all for supporting our troops
and im all for bringing them home.

I'm a lil bit hiphop
and im a lil bit Mozart
sometimes i flip flop
sometimes i rip giant fart

blame the dogs. everyone knows dogfarts = temporary Hell On Earth, hooah?

all good here at The Wall and beyond, ya heard?

hahaha i am a 39 y/o 270lb "white" dummy.

yooooo is elon tusky up in dis bish yet?

ayo, tusky man.

tesla need testing?

send em to ya boy. DD aka Darryl aka V-Unit bahahaha what the actual f@ck am i even talking about?

foolishness, right?
yes it is.🤔

Yeah that's a mini Ford Raptor running over a giant tardigrade squishy anti stress toy.

What of it? Lol.

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It's here. Time to unlock full potential 😝😂😜❤️✌️🌈👺🤡👀💡💯

jesus now Jack Harlow comin thru my Bose Blackout earbuds. I will stop rapping lol.... alls good right now.... enjoy your freedom. :)

got loyalty, no royalty inside my born like this

immaculate conception

i just kill shit
in my DNA
i got millions
i just spill shit
in my DNA

I know just who u are.

yous a yous a yous a


power pain, poison, joy
my DNA
soldiers DNA

i been homeless
i had food stamps
its ok to accept a hand up.
but once up stay up


lyrics credit to MR K Lamar, a muhfukkin genius & authentic human


stan stan son, listen, son, dad isnt mad but how the hell u gon name urself after a gun while u rockin a manbun?

ur a fuckin molehill
make a fuckin mountain outta u

YO MGK a weak beta wannabe . fuckdat honky ass cracka ass wonderbread muhfukka belong in trailer park giving concerts like muhfukkin JROC from Trailer Park Boys.

no talent beta simp. come at me, lil pup.\



insult my own "race", etc. and science. 

i do not like asshats or clowns.

no that is not my real name.

but maybe it should be lol./ 🤣 🤔 🐶 🤩 😤 🥳 🤠 🤑 🤕 🤓

PS your beloved emojis are nothing but unicode..... unicorns?
nah, my honkies.

look it up.

OPINIONS about Microsoft 

EDIT August 2022

Microsoft needs a lot of work. Bill Gates is one of the smartest people alive. No metaverse. No no. Please no.


Windows is an abysmal mess . No matter what version. I guess XP was semi stable. But fuck Microsoft . My gaming PC (don't remember last time I gamed) is the last Microsoft product for me for awhile.

Basically, Microsoft fails at everything except pretending to be woke.

Pixel 6 review. One month in

Uh yeah so you should probably consider a if u like the idea of grapheneOS without having to actually install GrapheneOS.

Zero issues. So far.

Then again I am in no way a " power user".

I don't use most major apps.

, baby ! Grrrrrr. Purrrrr.

Does that make you randy, baby?

Does it?

Ok I shut up now.

Seize the day.

E Pluribus Unum

Ever read a book to ya kids called Pete The Cat?
Please do.
Even the cartoon cat knows
"It's all groovy, just keep on going down that road"

Or some variation of that.

Watch The Boys on Prime , too. 😉

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