hey hey hey
SIN here.

are you ready?


do it. lol

What's up . It's ya boy SIN on the keyboard.

Make sure you treat each other ten times better than some of us deserve.

Listen to my podcast


whats crackin, Humanity?

Sin here.

just checkin in.

all is good.

everything will be OK.



i mean ZERO offense with this honest QUESTION?

SO if I can be gender fluid or sometimes wear lipstick cuz i look cute, is it so bad to imagine myself as a different race?
A race I felt i shouldve been born as due to my extreme love of that culture, that hIpHOP, its in my DNA.
I mLOOK white. i cant control me skin any more than they can control their assigned gender.

i do not mean to Blackfish. I rep that community as respectfully AS I Can.
I am also Jamal Lavondrious Walker

im back online. DID YOU HEAR ME YET?

All green to Gold/.

Ya boy, SIN , me, V, the lamda , the delta, the gamma, the SIGMA ENIGMA.

just needed to sleep few hours.

back to work

Oh and yes I realize I misspelled Synonymous. That's by design

This town is cleeeeeeaaaannn . Lol. On foot patrol but I pick up trash along my route 😂.

I love America.
I love my town.
I love my state.
I love Humanity.

Love the world. .


Changed me profile. Idk if I'm using this anymore. Social media is never social is it?

(Farting sounds)

It's a bastardly day outside in Maine. Still walking til I get a vehicle goddamn it lol. I rent if I have to. Fck it.

- Sin

oh, and ELon Tusky is a cool app and person. he cant FOrget US or not. lol. just a joke, E Money.

- V MOney


black benz
doin cocaine
w my "black" friends
we be high as hell
before night ends

switch bACK TO MY white Benz
doin codeine w my "white" friends
we be high as hell
before the night ends


i dont do that fuckin country rap shit.

im a muhfukkin lyricolgyst (not a word. i dont degrade rap game by bringing country into it. rap is rap. country is.....music?

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i be uploading to soundcloud soon. really really busy lately.

listen to the best freestyle mc in history. HIs name is Canibus.

then theres me. 40 year old white country boy.

my stage name Canabas ( one of the founders of my city in like 1677 lol) Used to live on Canabas street, waterville ME.

you already know me. '

should prob go to sleep now.

nah fuck it.

👍 🤣 🤠 🤓 🤑

you have 100 years at best to make an impact.

will you be moral, ethical, kind, forgiving, admit your mistakes, fix your mistakes, apologize when you should?



put the tech down once in awhile.

not all at once.\

small, positive changes last longer than immediate quitting-cold turkey.

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