What's up . It's ya boy SIN on the keyboard.

Make sure you treat each other ten times better than some of us deserve.

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Pixel 6 review. One month in

Uh yeah so you should probably consider a if u like the idea of grapheneOS without having to actually install GrapheneOS.

Zero issues. So far.

Then again I am in no way a " power user".

I don't use most major apps.

, baby ! Grrrrrr. Purrrrr.

Does that make you randy, baby?

Does it?

Ok I shut up now.

Seize the day.

E Pluribus Unum

Goodnight, . Stay safe. Kick the days ass. Every day. But get some good sleep 😅 😴

Morning, .

Do any of you develop for ?

I got my Android Studio badge just for downloading it but might need some pointers.


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