Yeah that's a mini Ford Raptor running over a giant tardigrade squishy anti stress toy.

What of it? Lol.

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It's here. Time to unlock full potential 😝😂😜❤️✌️🌈👺🤡👀💡💯

Ever read a book to ya kids called Pete The Cat?
Please do.
Even the cartoon cat knows
"It's all groovy, just keep on going down that road"

Or some variation of that.

Watch The Boys on Prime , too. 😉

Damn, fam.

It is true.

Introverts are completely drained after a social interaction.

I thought I was coming down with something .

But after everyone left I immediately started to feel better bahaha.

I love my family but Lord, they sooo loud. Why they gotta be so loud? 🤣😂. I'm kidding.
I'm prob the loudest. For a little while

Good Morning.
Breakfast of champions lol.
Not really .
Hard boiled eggs, multigrain toast got that cherry noir pepper jelly on it. Need that hot sauce for boiled eggs of course.
In the blender bottle is an iced, french pressed local dark roast coffee with oat milk creamer .
How do YOU fuel up?

Of all the weapons I manned, these two were my absolute favorites :
M249 SAW(Squad Automatic Weapon) fire rate up to 800rounds per minute. On full auto. Literally mows down entire units of Ivan's (hostile targets)

MK-19 (Mark19) a fully automatic grenade launcher. Yes. They exist. I don't need to describe it.

also, check out the Ford F-150 Lightning. an all electric BEAST of a truck that can power your home for up to 3 days.
plus Ford does an open-repair/conversion program for anyone to do. You can turn your gas powered vehicle electric. Like they did with this 1978 Pickup truck.

My daughter's (10,8,6) made a short Scratch animation .

It's kinda funny and you can hear them laughing hard. Ok, I'm laughing hard too.

IDC how old I get, farts are funny.

Scratch is from M.I.T. to help get kids until the basic concepts of programming, animation, game design, etc.

This video was originally over 50MB but was able to achieve lossless compression down to 2mb so I could post here lol.

MY OUTDOOR Cannabis Grow (call the FEDS!) 

Like this Blueberry from last fall.

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MY OUTDOOR Cannabis Grow (call the FEDS!) 

I love Maine. This is all completely legal as I possess both a medical card AND it's recreational here so I get up to 12 plants . Legal. Sorry, DEA. And now I have applied to be a licensed caregiver meaning I can have 36 plants in flower and unlimited clients. Y'all should visit Maine.

My steamy windows 530AM somewhere in Maine. It's 68 in my house. 34% humidity. Outside it's 69 degrees. 97% humidity, 70 dewpoint. I can't see me yarpd, mates! Is that CONDENSATION?? LoL. Good morning btw

My gaming corner. Just got that 38 inch Alienware monitor to go with the Aurora. Got the m15r6 running too. My windows OS is strictly for gaming lol . I may someday use Linux gaming as most my games are Steam and I heard it works well . Prob not wit my current NVIDIA 3060s but who knows


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